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Papago Park Holiday Mini Session

November 17, 2018

I’m so excited to be blogging this session I did at Papago Park with Emily, Kendall and their doggies!

I work with Emily at my Monday through Friday and a while back she had asked about getting some photos done with her and her boyfriend. One of the best parts about Emily is that she shares the same exact love for her dog Nugget as I do for Oscar. Of course we had to include her fur babies in the pictures if they were going to be for holiday cards!

It was a really beautiful night in November for Arizona. The warm weather is finally starting to disappear as it does for a few months during an “Arizona winter”. It’s funny how we put ourselves through triple digit weather sometimes as early as May through late September/October simply for those few months where the weather is perfect during the holidays. One of these days I’ll high tail it out of here so I won’t have to endure a triple digit summer ever again, haha.

Papago Park is usually lush with hikers, families, couples, bikers and anyone else – especially on the weekends. We went on a Friday and there were at least 3 other shoots going on, a few bikers who passed us, and a ton of hikers at the Hole in the Rock. Emily and Kendall were down for a little walk around the back of the mountain where there was a lot less “traffic”. It was a lot nicer not having to share the space and being able to have room to run around for pictures.

We broke out a blanket initially so the dogs had somewhere to sit. Nugget definitely liked the blanket, because at the end of the session, he almost didn’t get off of it! I don’t blame him. If anybody is curious where I got the blanket, it’s from  Benevolance LA and they actually donate a portion of each purchase to an important cause.

Also while you’re here, check out her dog’s Instagram: @nugget_the_cav

Are you ready to see some of the magic we created?


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