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In Home Session – Paige and Brayden

May 2, 2019

I met up with Paige and Brayden when I was doing in-home sessions in Scottsdale just a couple weeks ago, and they wanted to shoot some engagements!  The morning was full of snuggles, laughter, kisses and of course jumping on the bed. In home sessions are some of my favorite, especially in Arizona when it can get extremely hot out! Also, who doesn’t love a little snuggle time in some comfy clothes with your babe?

Before I get started, I wanted to share more about these two’s love story, written by Paige:

“Brayden and I met when we started working together at Chick-fil-A. He worked in the kitchen and I worked up front. He would always cat-call me when I would walk through the kitchen to get something. I always ignored him because I thought he was talking to someone else and he must have thought “wow this girl is mean always ignoring me!” He kept at it time after time until I finally realized he was talking to me! I swear he must have gotten my phone number from a time I texted him about covering someone’s shift. Next thing you know we’re going to each other‘s birthday parties and hanging out all the time. I would always tell Brayden I would never date him. In fact, I would tell him he could buy me food but that it wasn’t a date and for some reason he kept doing it. I don’t know how many late night pizzas he brought me or how many Taco Bell trips we took. (Listen, 22 was not a cute year on me.) Needless to say we spent years being friends and became super close.

It wasn’t until after college I finally came to my senses. B was driving my roommate and I to In-N-Out Burger after birthday celebrations in Old Town. I looked at him from the passenger seat and said, “Can I be your girlfriend?” I’m pretty sure his eyes rolled all the way back into his head and said “Sure”. My roommate at the time laughed and said “I think he thinks you’re kidding!” to which he replied “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow”. Jokes on Brayden because we’ve been together ever since! To be fair, I may or may not have called him undateable…

We shortly moved in together and here we are three years later with a dog and an engagement ring!”

How cute is that? My heart is officially melted.

Paige owns The Bronze Bar as well – check her business out if you are like me and needing to get that “summer glow”!

  1. Brianne Molina says:

    LOVE THIS AND THEM!!! Gorgeous couple.

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