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Couples Photos at Bryant Woods Nature Park – Valeri and Ryan

July 14, 2020

Prepare your eyeballs for some cuteness because these photos at Bryant Woods Nature Park are to die for!!

The Location – Bryant Woods Nature Park

I was so excited to meet up with Valeri and Ryan over the summer! We originally wanted to shoot somewhere a bit further away. However, with traffic and closures along the Gorge area decided to pick somewhere a bit more central. Bryant Woods Nature Park is a great photo location in Lake Oswego that isn’t a far drive if you live in the metro area (or neighboring suburbs). It’s a popular hiking spot tucked away in a neighborhood so it can sometimes be easy to miss. However, once we got into the park and started walking around we were stunned by the location. Just stepping off the trail slightly made it seem like you were in the middle of the woods somewhere far away! It gave me some Twilight vibes not going to lie! Haha!

About the Couple

When I met up with Ryan and Valeri I was surprised (and excited) to discover Ryan is actually from Glendale, Arizona! I grew up in Arizona where I started my wedding photography business so I loved to hear he was from there. I’ve heard it’s pretty popular for Arizonans and Oregonians to move back and forth as the climates are completely different.

Valeri moved to the Pacific Northwest from the midwest for a job, and it was totally meant to be – because shortly after, she met Ryan! I told her that was such a small world because the same exact thing happened for me and my boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to follow the path and new experiences that come along with it.

The Photo Session

They brought several outfit options (which I LOVED) and showed me at the beginning. I also loved that Ryan had a few different clothing options. It’s not totally common for a guy to remember to bring a few outfit choices, but girls tend to remember. We went with a cute, dressy outfit first and then changed into a more casual look afterwards for more photo opportunities (like piggy back rides, riding on shoulders, running around). You can read more about what I suggest for engagement photo outfits on this blog post!

These photos at Bryant Woods Nature Park were super easy and the landscape at the nature park was to die for. The open field with tall grass was so pretty, especially as the sun started to set!

After our session, Valeri and Ryan said that they were headed to Ruth’s Chris for a date night which made my heart freakin’ BURST! I always think couples should go out for a date after a photo session because they got all dressed up! Why not?

Thank you Ryan and Valeri for such a fun night; I absolutely LOVE the photos that resulted!

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