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Latourell Falls Engagement Photos With Taylor and Aaron

January 27, 2022

Latourell Falls is one of the most popular locations for engagement photos on the Columbia River Gorge!

You ever laugh so hard your stomach hurts? This is how I felt when I finally had a chance to meet up with Taylor and Aaron for their engagement photos! We had such a blast and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in April!

About Their Proposal

“We got engaged in Maui in August! Aaron had planned on proposing halfway through our trip when we had a hike planned but he couldn’t wait! The first full day we had there we spent on the beach drinking, reading, and talking about our future. That night right before dinner we were watching the sunset and he popped the question!!”

Their Latourell Falls Engagement Photos

We first met up outside Latourell falls trailhead, and started with some photos in front of all the fallen leaves – we shot in the late fall and it was a total blast and the colors were POPPIN! Eventually we made our way down to Latourell – you can definitely get a little wet there so I like to finish the session there usually haha. The whole time I couldn’t get over how cute these two were and how excited I was to see them again in April!

We finished off their session at Vista House on the gorge and it was absolutely incredible!

I asked the couple what they wanted to remember about each other in 20 years, and I loved their response – so get ready to melt into a puddle!

“We want to remember how much we laugh together, how much time we spend talking about our feelings, goals and motivations, and how much time we get to spend together! We know we’ll definitely miss the freedom we have now to hang out all day and do whatever we want. We also want to remember much time we have put into ourselves, each other, and our relationship so that we are still best friends in 20 years. Communication is everything to us! If anything we over communicate lol”

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