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Surprise Proposal at Latourell Falls – Kendall and Kyle

February 16, 2022

A surprise proposal at Latourell Falls is definitely something to celebrate! Latourell falls is one of my favorite locations for photos in Oregon. I was so excited when Kyle reached out to me to capture this moment!

Kendall and Kyle are friends of mine that I met through my fiancé Ryan! When Kyle first reached out saying he wanted to plan a surprise proposal at Latourell Falls to Kendall I was so freaking excited! It was so hard to keep the secret but I was ready to help plan and execute this proposal!! Latourell falls is a great place for photos of any kind, whether it is a proposal, engagement, or just because photos! It is easy to get to and is best visited on weekdays to avoid large crowds. It’s a very popular waterfall!

Our original plan was to propose that a different waterfall further down on the gorge, with a mile hike to get to the shoot location! However, I went to check it out earlier that week because there had been recent snow and rain, and I wanted to make sure it was OK for us to go! The trail was way too icy so I recommended we relocate to Latourell falls and I was glad we did.

One of my favorite details from this proposal was the fact that Kyle was so nervous he held the ring box upside down while he proposed! This is so cute because it is such a Kyle thing for him to do, and we both laughed about it later that night at their engagement party!!

I am so excited for this couple and can’t wait to see what they plan for their beautiful wedding!!!

If you want to learn more about some of the best places to visit in Portland for photos, check out this article by Redfin where I write about the waterfall corridor!

PS, if you’re just as obsessed with Kendall‘s outfit as I am, she got both her turtleneck sweater and her shacket from Aritzia!

  1. Rebekah says:

    These photos are too cute!! And I love that you helped them pick out a better spot when the original spot wasn’t safe due to ice! You’re the best 💛

  2. Kyle White says:

    I love the pictures thank you so much for helping making that day special ❤️

    • Khali Titsch says:

      Of course!! It was such a great day! Thank you for thinking of me to document it!!

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