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Rooftop Engagement Photos in Portland

July 3, 2022

I have to admit, some of my favorite photos I’ve taken came from this beautiful rooftop engagement photo session this summer! Kylee and Ben completely took my breath away – from their perfectly styled outfits, to their obvious adoration for each other, I was obsessed!

Rooftop engagement photos have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. I know a lot of couples have been leaning towards those moodier, contemporary/formal photo vibes. I was up for the challenge of creating some magical photos with Kylee and Ben that fit the style they were really going for!

We started off our session nearby Sauvie Island – fun fact but these first few photos with the jeep were taken just next to the cracker barrel down there in a dirt lot! It’s where we originally had planned to just meet up, but I felt like it was a great backdrop for some photos with their jeep! After the first few photos we decided to just drive around. We found a windy road in Sauvie and parked our cars off to the side. As we were getting out, somebody came out and asked us what we were doing – when we told them we were taking a few photos in the street for their engagement pictures, they were so kind to invite us ONTO THEIR PROPERTY to take more!! This couple had been married for over 14 years and they had a large farm and orchard. They even gifted us a bottle of champagne afterwards. It was the nicest act of kindness I’ve seen during an engagement session!

As the sun started to set, we got in our cars and drove out to the Pearl District for some sunset photos on a nearby parking garage. Kylee changed into a fun pink cocktail dress that completely took my breath away! We had a blast taking more rooftop engagement photos and popped some more champagne!

It was so much fun that I had actually started to lose track of time and suddenly the sun was really going down. Getting pretty dark! We wanted to keep the rooftop engagement photos going so I busted out my direct flash for a few more photos downtown. I loved the ones of Kylee and Ben in the elevator especially!

I hope you enjoy the photos from this session as much as I do!

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