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Short Sands Beach Engagement Photos

July 20, 2023

Hey there, fellow wanderlusters! Today, I’m super excited to take you on a virtual trip to one of the dreamiest spots on the Oregon Coast for engagement photos – Short Sands Beach! πŸ–οΈ Trust me; you’ll be itching to grab your backpack and hit the road after reading this.

Katie and Michael’s love story unfolded against this picturesque backdrop. But this isn’t just any ordinary beach – oh no! It’s a beach with a twist – a magical forest trail right by its side. Intrigued yet? Well, you should be!

Located just 80 miles west of Portland (yeah, you heard that right, only 80 miles!), Short Sands Beach is a hidden gem nestled within Oswald West State Park. It’s like a magical cove tucked away between lush, green forests, and dramatic coastal cliffs. And oh boy, the journey to get there is just as enchanting as the destination.

Now, picture this: you’re lacing up your comfiest hiking boots, ready to conquer the Short Sands Beach trail. It’s a moderate hike, about 1.2 miles each way, so it’s not too strenuous. Plus, every step you take is like a walk through nature’s wonderland. Towering trees provide a cool canopy as you wander through a dense forest – and yes, there’s that earthy smell that just feels so refreshing.

You’ll follow the winding path, and before you know it, the salty ocean breeze starts to kiss your cheeks. Ah, the anticipation! And then, suddenly, the lush greenery gives way to the most breathtaking sight you’ve ever laid eyes on – Short Sands Beach! 🌊🌞

It’s like the universe carved out this perfect half-moon-shaped cove just for you. Fine, golden sand stretches along the shoreline, inviting you to kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes. The Pacific waves roll in with a gentle rhythm, calling surfers to dance with them. The dramatic cliffs, wearing their coats of emerald green, stand tall and proud, as if they’re protecting this coastal paradise from the outside world.

And here’s the real kicker – the beach is framed by those iconic, majestic Oregon sea stacks. You know, the kind that you’ve probably seen on countless postcards and Instagram posts. They add this incredible touch of drama and magic to the whole scene, making it the ultimate backdrop for short sands beach engagement photos!

Speaking of which, my couple chose this very spot to capture their love and create lasting memories. With nature as their witness, they danced, laughed, and strolled along the shoreline, embracing each other like there’s no tomorrow. πŸ“ΈπŸŒ…

So, whether you’re planning your own engagement shoot, looking for an epic hiking spot, or simply craving some coastal goodness, Short Sands Beach won’t disappoint. It’s an experience that will make your heart sing and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Next time you’re in Portland or anywhere near the Oregon Coast, make sure to mark this treasure on your map. Trust me, it’s well worth the journey. Happy adventuring, my friends!

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