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Pinetop Arizona Wedding – Jeanette and Evan

January 16, 2019

The best kind of nights are the ones where you can remember all the details despite the amount of time that passes.

This wedding in particular was one of the best I’ve ever been to and I’m so excited to finally getting around to blogging it. Kali and I adventured all the way to Pinetop together, eager to spend the day documenting a beautiful forest wedding. Jeanette and Evan were even kind enough to get us our own cabin to stay in for the night so we could party with them after the wedding!

From the gorgeous details – the fresh flowers lining the tables, to the adventurous care-free spirits of these two lovers, it was the perfect evening. 

The day started off with Jeanette getting ready in a small Victorian house on the campgrounds with her sister helping with hair and makeup. The floral team was putting together the centerpieces and bouquets with the perfect attention to detail. Kali and I toured the venue, took photos of her rings and other details, and watched as Jeanette handled the hours before her wedding with complete composure. I’ve never seen a more relaxed bride!

On the other side of the cabins’ campus, Evan was getting ready with his family. We went to meet him and grab a few photos of him before he was all done up. Evan talked about how excited he was to see Jeanette walking down the aisle (they opted out of a first look).

The ceremony was in the middle of the forest about five minutes drive from the campgrounds. It was a beautiful space, just friends and family standing outside of the aisle Evan and his friends’ dug earlier that morning. It was lined with white rose petals.

The look on Evan’s face when Jeanette came down the aisle said it all. I thought I was going to melt right there. But not soon after, the waterworks came as they read their vows. The way Jeanette talked about how she knew Evan was the one with tears streaming down her face was the most romantic thing I’d witnessed in a long time. And the way he held her and smiled so big after their first kiss as husband and wife was just the cherry on top.

The rest of the night was perfect because it was casual and stress-free. There was no timeline other than to spend time with their family at the reception, celebrate, dance and enjoy each other. The only “traditional” thing they did was cut the cake together, and give each other a big sloppy cake-kiss.

Near the end of the night, Jeanette, Evan and their families encouraged us to celebrate with them. To put down the cameras and dance. Words on a blog post can’t express how that night I really felt like family to them, and that was the ultimate gift. I couldn’t have been luckier to be included in such a special day. Thank you again to Kali for including me on such a special day with two beautiful, adventurous and carefree humans.

Wedding Coordinator: Classic Events AZ

Venue: Whispering Pines Resort

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