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Venue at the Grove Wedding – Baylee and Zach

January 24, 2019

I’m so excited to be blogging this gorgeous wedding at one of my FAVORITE places: Venue at the Grove! Baylee and Zach were just the cutest couple I’ve laid my eyes on with one of the best love stories. I’ll try to spare some of the details so we can get right to it.

We started the day off in Baylee’s bridal suite. By the time we arrived, Baylee’s hair and makeup was complete and she was ready to go! I absolutely loved her chosen hairstyle for her wedding day – half up, half down with SPACE BUNS. YASSSS, QUEEN! As a frequent festival-goer I was 200% about this look. And it was so dang unique. We talked with Baylee for a bit asking her how she felt, how excited she was (etc) and then took her dress, rings and bouquet for a little adventure to get some detail shots.

The Venue at the Grove has a specific place where you can take photos of your bride’s dress in front of some gorgeous barn doors, no hassle. There is a nail already hung in the center which allows you to easily set the dress in place for the photo (Let me tell you, my clumsy butt has a million stories of how I tried to hang a dress for detail shots and failed – this nail is a life saver). Not only that, but the dark wood and vine details allows for some seriously eye-pleasing shots. I know when she looks back on her wedding gallery, Baylee will not be disappointed.

After capturing the details, I made my way over to Zach’s room to get some pictures of him getting ready. Real talk to any future brides reading this post, a groom getting ready happens in one to two minutes tops, haha.  Instead I just had him adjust the buttons on his suit jacket, fix his cufflinks, adjust his tie, etc. One of my favorite shots to do, especially in the groomsmen suite, is the groom putting his shoes back on and lacing them up.

Zach was the perfect example of the kind of man we all aspire to meet one day (if you haven’t already) and that mom and dad would LOVE. From the second we met each other, you could tell how in love with Baylee he was and how excited he was to call her his wife. He talked so highly of her, so excitedly. He was itching to see her in her gown, and smiling from ear to ear.

The Venue at the Grove has the most beautiful wedding arch in the ceremony space with a chandelier just in the center. The ceremony space was lined with white flower petals leading up to the arch and it was simple, beautiful and classic.

As the procession started, Zach was still beaming, eager to see his soulmate walk down the aisle with her father. The wedding party passed by, hugs were exchanged, and family took their seats in the front row. Everybody rose and the music for Baylee’s moment started to play.

I couldn’t have seen a more genuine, heartfelt reaction as this stunning bride made her way down the aisle! Zach was crying just looking at her, and I was trying not to cry as well. The hug between Zach and Baylee’s father said more than words ever could. They were already all part of the same family.

Baylee and Zach met at a concert; Zach was in a band and they had come to Arizona to play. The best part? Bailey wasn’t even going to the concert originally, but had won the tickets and that’s the only reason she went. I remember she told us how she listened to their music right after winning the tickets so she knew what to expect when she went. Zach said when he played the show that night, he was drawn directly to her in the front and couldn’t take his eyes off her. After his first time going to visit her and asking her to be his girlfriend, he flew home and told his parents that he met the girl he was going to marry and they were going to love her. If that’s not true love, I don’t even know what is.

Sealed with a kiss, these two were married and also the happiest souls ever. Everything leading up to their special day came together with ease and all that was left was to celebrate with close friends and family.

I couldn’t have been more grateful to be a part of this perfect night, and to see a perfect example of what true love and compassion is between two people. If my recollection of the day didn’t do it justice, these pictures sure will! Baylee and Zach, I’m wishing you all the best and all the happiness the world could possibly give you!!

Venue: Venue at the Grove

Florals: Wild Child Floral Design

Dress: Bella Lily Bridal

Second shooting for: Kali M Photos

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