Engagement Photos at Cannon Beach – Jennifer and Harrison

These engagement photos at Cannon Beach in Portland, Oregon are what every photographer dreams of! It was a beautiful and sunny summer day in Oregon and the perfect forecast to take Jennifer and Harrison’s engagement photos.

About the Couple

Like me, Jennifer and Harrison are also new to Oregon. The two came out here from Texas earlier in the year for work and have loved everything the state has to offer since. Despite having a lot of closures due to the pandemic, there are still gorgeous places to go exploring (safely). Cannon Beach was not overly crowded when we went – in fact, a lot of people were spaced out wearing masks – and there was even a small elopement happening right next to us!

Jennifer and Harrison have a cute little love story too. These two have known each other as far back as middle school and high school. Twelve years! Jennifer mentioned that Harrison was the heart throb everyone in her group loved! How lucky was she, then? Haha! Harrison proposed to Jennifer at a waterfall in Portland, and the two will be tying the knot in 2022.

The Shoot

We started out in a casual outfit and the two later changed into a dressier outfit when the sun was starting to set completely. I was so in love with the way these photos turned out with the golden light in the background. Jennifer’s sister is from Oregon and came with them to help keep track of their stuff while we ran around outside. Even though the weather was great outside, the water was still pretty dang cold. These engagement photos at Cannon Beach were worth it, but our toes were freezing afterward!

One of my favorite things was at the end they recreated a photo they took together a while back, where Harrison jumped into Jennifer’s arms. The look on their faces was probably one of the cutest and funniest things ever!

This was my first time taking photos near Haystack Rock. I have photographed along other beaches but not this spot. I am dying to go back to Cannon Beach already!

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