Horsethief Butte Engagement Photos // Columbia River Gorge // Alysha + Rich

October 17, 2020

I had the best time celebrating Alysha and Rich’s engagement at Horsethief Butte! The Columbia River Gorge has tons of beautiful locations for photos and this was definitely top of the list.

Alysha and Rich found me on Instagram through a friend who I had taken photos for. She told me that I seemed like somebody that would get along with her and her fiancee which I thought was the GREATEST COMPLIMENT EVER! My goal in my website and content I publish is to let couples know that I am more than a photographer. I am a friend too! Engagement photos are the best because it’s just a date with me as a third wheel haha. It should be easy, and fun, and like a hang out with cute pictures and champagne!

“The proposal is a fun one. Prior to the proposal, I was blind folded a mile from the destination which I thought was going to be our house in Sherwood. I was told Deann (Rich’s mom) had done a surprise on our house that we’re remodeling. I legit thought she did something with the bushes out front that I hate because she’s amazing like that. Being blind folded for a mile had me car sick beyond belief and extremely peeved with Rich.

We pull up to what I thought was our house and Rich is guiding the way. Not so shockingly, he doesn’t look behind him as we are walking, causing my last words before being engaged “I don’t trust you anymore!!!” as I was slammed into the fence 🤣 People ask if I had any idea and to this day, I still can’t believe this was pulled off. I genuinely had no idea. Seeing that my parents were out of town at the time, I never thought the proposal would happen that day (he asked their permission weeks before and they were FaceTimed during The whole thing!). I took of my blind fold to find Rich on one knee and 30 of my closest friends, my sister, and Rich’s family standing on the deck as he asked me to marry him. Still the best day of my life!”

I knew Alysha and Rich were destined to be good friends of mine when I got to Horsethief Butte for their engagement photos and they pulled up with whiteclaws. I even brought white claw with me too in case they wanted some! And don’t worry, we packed it in and out because it’s important to LEAVE NO TRACE when you visit these beautiful places!

Are you interested in booking your own adventurous engagement session with me? What about a Horsethief Butte engagement session? You know I am down! Contact me today, here.

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