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Whimsical Maternity Photos at Horsethief Butte in Washington – Steph + Brennon

December 14, 2020

These maternity photos at Horsethief Butte in Washington was windy, beautiful and magical.

Photographers, do you ever meet up with a couple and afterwards think “Woah, I want to be their friend”? That is absolutely what happened to me after Steph and Brennon’s maternity photos at Horsethief Butte.

I’ve actually shot another engagement session here that I have blogged with Alysha and Rich. I sent this session to Steph and Brennon when we were figuring out a good photo location and they fell in love. Steph had this long, lace gown that was perfect for the whimsical vibe that Horsethief Butte gives off. This photo session location off of the Columbia River Gorge is not a quick drive, but it is worth the views. Horsethief Butte is about two hours out of Portland metro on the Washington side of the gorge. It actually doesn’t take long to get to the spot that we took photos at here, but you can hike the whole thing if you want to (12 miles). Horsethief Butte also requires a Discovery Pass which I will link here.

Steph and Brennon are some well known Twitch streamers and I have linked both their profiles on this post. You should check them out! We spent a lot of our session talking about their personal journeys to becoming full time streamers. Steph and I have a very similar outlook when it comes to going full time. She ended up giving me the courage I need to go full time as a photographer soon. I really admire Steph and Brennon – their love for each other, their attitude about life and their words of encouragement. I can’t wait to see these two again and am excited for them to meet their baby boy!

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