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Indoor Couples Photos at Christmas Time // Taylor +Tyler

December 12, 2020

This sweet couple decided to put a twist on their Christmas couples photos – by doing them inside.

These Christmas couples photos of Taylor and Tyler are just complete goals. I remember this day so fondly, even though it was two years ago (oh my gosh)! It was winter time, and the busiest time of year for photographers who host mini sessions. Lots of couples and families like to get their photos taken for Christmas cards! I decided to take on three sessions in one day all over the valley. Taylor and Tyler were my second stop of the day, and when I came inside I fell in love with their home. They had the cutest Christmas decor all over their house. I knew immediately that it was going to be perfect for their in home photo session.

One of my favorite things about doing an in home photoshoot is the intimacy and comfortability you get from it. Nine out of ten times a couple is nervous to get their photos taken. However, when they choose their house it makes it so much easier for them to be themselves. We decided to something cute and perfect for this time of year and have them bake cookies.

Taylor has a business called Blades Styling – she is the queen of hair color and NBR extensions. While you’re here you should check out her page!

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