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Torrey Pines Engagement Photos // Sherrie and Ivan

November 16, 2020

Torrey Pines is a beautiful beach located in San Diego for an engagement session. When I came out in late September for a weekend working in Orange County, I had the chance to meet Sherrie and Ivan. Sherrie originally reached out to me on Instagram, where she found my post saying I was traveling to California! I got to celebrate their engagement and learn a little bit more about them.

The two work at a military base in the area and because of that liked the idea of a sunrise shoot! I had no problem doing this because beaches can get extremely crowded at sunset. Especially when the weather is nice. We got there a little bit earlier than we needed to, but it was okay. It allowed us to chat and walk to where we wanted to start shooting. What a way to start your day, listening to the sound of seagulls and waves rolling up through the sand.

Love Story

I have to touch really quick on Sherrie and Ivan’s love story.. The two first met under unfortunate circumstances, where Sherrie had tripped at school and Ivan asked her if she was alright. It was pretty adorable then and still is now because you could tell immediately what a big heart he has to care for her, somebody he didn’t know incredibly well at the time.

After the engagement photos were done, Sherrie and Ivan stayed at Torrey Pines a little longer. As I walked away I couldn’t help but admire the two of them. They were making the most out of a cloudy and gloomy morning on the coast. And I could tell that they really enjoyed the opportunity to be together there and hang out longer after the photos were done.

I would absolutely travel to Torrey Pines for an engagement session again. If you are interested in booking a session with me there don’t hesitate to reach out! I LOVE TO TRAVEL! Contact me here.

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