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Eclectic Backyard Wedding in a Garden // Sarah and Jake

December 9, 2020

I have been DYING to share this beautiful garden wedding after I found out it was accepted for publication on Bespoke Bride!

Sarah and Jake were supposed to have a traditional wedding with their family and friends in 2020 but unfortunately COVID-19 had forced them to drastically change their plans last minute. The two were able to work out a 2021 date with their venue for a reception, but opted to host a backyard garden wedding for their family and a couple of friends on their original date of August 22nd. I am in awe of the design for this wedding – but not at all surprised because Sarah is an interior designer.

Sarah and Jake love to garden together, and even from the beginning (before plans changed) they intended to grow their own flowers for their wedding day. Jake’s mom actually helped arrange the flowers on the wedding day and did such a fantastic job! Because gardening was such a big part of their lives (and vibe) we had to take some pictures in their greenhouse! Jake even wore a tomato pin on his hat which was a cute touch and ode to their gardening skills.

Because they had to postpone the reception part of their wedding until next year, they had a Zoom stream the whole night to show the ceremony and reception. Throughout the evening people could tune in and watch, and even speak to Sarah and Jake during the reception! It was so fun to see people get to be a part of their wedding despite the restrictions of COVID-19.

The last thing I’ll share before sharing these beautiful pictures is a quote from Sarah regarding their original plans to postpone. I know this may come as a surprise, but a small wedding or elopement can actually be a ton of fun and I have heard zero regrets from any of my couples who have had to change their plans to one last minute.

“We were so thrilled with the way everything turned out, that we laughed and thought, why did we think we needed the big wedding we originally planned?”

A lot of couples are having to think about wedding planning ideas during COVID when the year of 2020 turned their lives upside down. I truly believe that this wedding could help other couples with their planning. If you need some help

Here are some fun facts about their wedding day that I LOVED:

-They had a TV outside with a webcam attached so they could livestream their wedding day/night on Zoom for their friends who could not attend

-Jake had a tomato pin on his hat because they have a greenhouse and grow their own tomatoes, flowers and other produce

-They grew all their own flowers for the wedding

-The maroon ring box was a family heirloom

-Jake is a professional chef so he prepared the dinner in advance

-They love the Blazers basketball team so Sarah brought a jacket with her to take photos in after the ceremony

-Their fur babies are everything to them so they were involved in the bride and groom photos!

If you’re interested in booking me for the epic wedding of your dreams (which can literally be in your backyard like this one), contact me here!

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