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Government Cove Engagement Photos // Alexa + Tyler

March 12, 2021

Government Cove, nestled amongst the Columbia River Gorge is an amazing location in Oregon for your engagement photos! I’ve taken quite a few engagement photos here and I never get sick of this place!!

Alexa and Tyler met up with me at Government Cove to celebrate their engagement. We started off just a quick walk from where we parked, and these two were already so easy to photograph! Constantly making each other laugh and smile is an easy recipe for good photos.

Halfway through the session we witnessed a beautiful sunset on the other side of the cove, then the two changed outfits using a pop-up tent that I brought along! Government Cove does not have a bathroom available so you’ll need one to change or just change in your car!

One funny thing about this session is that I could not get the changing tent closed. When we were done using it, I tried to fold it up and failed. I ended up having to carry it around with me full size for the rest of the night! Tyler was so kind to help me carry it during certain parts. I was so grateful, but also embarassed!

I’ll never get tired of a good session at Government Cove – if you want your engagement photos here, let’s get in touch!

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