Living Room Microwedding in Portland

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The Sweetest Living Room Microwedding in Portland

April 9, 2022

Marriage doesn’t have to be an extravagant party with hundreds of guests, and that’s one of my favorite parts about working both weddings AND elopements. I see so many couples come up with creative and beautiful ways to celebrate getting married that are true and authentic to them. Working with Alayna and Parker for their intimate wedding in March was such a treat, because these two decided to get married in the living room of their own home!

I arrived before Alayna, and took some photos of the setup in their house. They had put together two tables with tablecloth and decor that Alayna created! I loved the custom signs she made with her Cricut for the guest book area and the signature drinks! I also saw the two framed some of their engagement photos, and they went through my favorite print company They turned out so good!

On a rainy Sunday in March in Portland, Alayna and Parker exchanged vows surrounded by their immediate family and it was perfect. Alayna was looking like a freaking dream in her lace wedding gown – when I saw her arrive with her family to the house I was internally screaming!! Everybody gathered around their fireplace for the ceremony and it was just a perfect moment.

After the wedding we took family photos both in and outside of the house. One of my favorite chaotic moments was trying to take a photo with their cat Binx (follow him on Instagram here). We were waiting at the base of the staircase and had a tiny split moment where Parker showed up with Binx on his shoulder. I quickly brought my camera up and at that exact moment Binx propelled himself off Parker’s shoulder and back upstairs. It was hilarious!

We finished up formal photos with Alayna and Parker just outside their house! We walked around the streets of Portland and they turned out so dreamy! I love the city vibes so much.

I am extremely happy for Alayna and Parker – I love how they made this day about them. I hope that you find inspiration from this blog post, and if you want to talk to me about booking your own wedding, let’s talk!

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