Kirkland Washington Engagement Photos

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Kirkland Washington Engagement Photos

November 11, 2022

This was my first time in Kirkland Washington for engagement photos and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. From the beautiful fall weather and colors, to the cute shops all around and the waterfront area, it was perfect!

Desirae is one of my good friends from my college days at Arizona State University! We were both in the same sorority and shared a lot of interests, especially in reading and with sports! Des moved to Seattle after college to work for the Seahawks as an intern and that’s where she met her fiance Jeff! The two quickly struck up a friendship that turned into something more and the rest is history.

While this was my first time meeting Jeff, I absolutely adored him and was so happy to see one of my friends happy. There was no shortage of smiles or laughter between the two and the whole session was easy and fun. Kirkland Washington is a great place for engagement photos because it is a lot less crowded than downtown Seattle and offers a lot of great places to stop for a bite after! When we finished their engagement photos we stopped inside a burger shop and enjoyed some delicious food together. Both Desirae and Jeff pride themselves on being foodies; they love to explore new places together where they can enjoy food and drinks over quality time.

I am so happy for these two to be getting married!

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