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Flower Field Couples Photos in Portland

November 15, 2022

Flower field couples photos are some of my favorite summer photo sessions, I think! The weather this summer in Portland, Oregon was perfect to keep beautiful flowers blooming all the way through late October. Just across the street from our house there was a gorgeous flower field I had been dying to shoot at!

It’s a special kind of privilege to get to photograph your best friend and the man who makes her so happy! Jackie and her boyfriend (also named) Ryan came out to visit us this past August for our engagement party! I’ve known Jackie for 8 years and I have been taking photos of her pretty much since I first got into photography. She is such a beautiful model, isn’t she? This was my first time meeting Ryan in person and I was dying to get the two of them in front of my camera.

Jackie and Ryan were my first couple to shoot in this gorgeous flower field and man these photos are some of my favorite! Not only because I get to see my best friend so happy (which is the #1 reason) but because of the gorgeous sunset we got and the stunning flower field!

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