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5 Holiday Photo Ideas for your Christmas Cards

December 19, 2022

When it comes to holiday photoshoot ideas, I have so many great ideas to share with you! From matching Christmas sweaters, to pajamas in your house, there are a variety of ideas to capture the perfect holiday photo. In this post I am going to help give you the inspiration for your perfect holiday photo.

Introduction – Your Portland Wedding Photographer

I’m Khali, a wedding and engagement photographer based in Portland Oregon! While I’m spending most of my time documenting couples getting married or engaged, I also spend a lot of time in the fall capturing memories for my couples’ holiday cards. This year I really wanted to focus on sharing some holiday photoshoot ideas to help inspire everyone for their own shoot! Let’s get into it.

Holiday Photoshoot Idea #1: Christmas Sweaters

holiday photoshoot ideas, couple with christmas sweaters

I love when couples bring their fur babies with to their holiday photos! This is a great holiday photoshoot idea – matching Christmas sweaters for you AND your dogs! In this case, Emily and Logan gave their dogs Riku and Axel and holiday bandanas.

Holiday Photoshoot Idea #2 – Snow Trunk Photos

holiday photoshoot ideas

This holiday photoshoot idea is straight out of a Pinterest dream! Kristeen and Kevin drove up to Mt Hood with me last year and we started off their shoot with a cozy setup in the trunk of Kevin’s truck. You can pick up some cute Christmas blankets and pillows from your favorite store and make this shoot a reality! View more photos from their shoot in this blog post!

Holiday Photoshoot Idea #3 – In Home Christmas Photos

I am a SUCKER for indoor photo sessions, especially when it comes to families. Your kids are most comfortable here and it is easy to do activities that make for great holiday photos! From reading your favorite holiday book to shaking presents under the tree, there are a million different holiday photoshoot ideas for you to do in your house.

Holiday Photoshoot Idea #4 – Baking Christmas Cookies

couple baking christmas cookies together, holiday photoshoot ideas

Baking Christmas cookies together is an adorable idea for your holiday photos! This is such a fun prompt to get really candid photos and is perfect for anyone who loves “documentary style” photography.

Holiday Photoshoot Idea #5 – Snow Photos with Your Pets

Photo by Leah Dawson

Photos in the snow is a holiday card classic. Last year, Ryan and I met up with my friend Leah Dawson to get our Christmas card photos taken! We brought our two dogs Oscar and Charlie with us. Later on in the shoot Ryan surprised me by proposing! It was an absolute dream. I’ll share one extra picture of this special moment below 🙂

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